Published on August 20, 2013, by in Knitting.

Dry Heat Preview

Dry Heat has been out for a week, and its release has taught me a few lessons.

1. Always, always, always check to see if a Big Name Designer is releasing a mystery knitalong, or an ebook, or a long awaited pattern. ALWAYS CHECK THE RAV RANKINGS.

2. Always check the knitting magazines to see if an impending pub date looming in the future.

3. Remember that fans of a free pattern aren’t necessarily going to translate into sales on a paid pattern. “Free” is a very seductive word, especially for an untested designer. Dry Heat did lure a lot of new knitters to Arroyo, which is awesome! Hi, new knitters!

4. Keep expectations low and ego out of it.

5. Trust in your friends. Even if they don’t buy the pattern, they will pimp the crap out of it, praise it and make the effort worth it.