Published on April 5, 2013, by in Lifting.

The Weight Box

I have a box of wonders in my living room.

Seems pretty unassuming, doesn’t it? A box decorated with a rocket theme that I picked up at Target last summer for 40% off. It was probably designed for toy storage. Most people assume that’s what it is.

Oh, but looks are deceiving.

That box is my gym.

175 pounds of free weights, 50 pounds of fixed dumbbells, two adjustable dumbbells and a 10 pound barbell.

175 pounds of free weights, 50 pounds of fixed dumbbells, two adjustable dumbbells, a 10 pound barbell, and a 25 pound toddler.

I haven’t joined a real gym for so many reasons: the fees are too steep. I’m damn heavy and live in fear of being laughed at — or worse, being photographed from the neck down to either be mocked on Reddit or used as inspiration on Pintrest.┬áThe H-Bomb is not one of those sunny youngsters who immediately takes to strangers with a smile, so tossing her into a fitness club daycare three times a week is not going to happen. Gym clothes. Parking. I hate people.

Gyms are right out. And I hate running. And I hate workout videos. I like picking up heavy things, but our house doesn’t have a great space for a full weight setup.

Enter the box.

Over the last six months, I have pieced together a compact home gym using free weights purchased from a variety of sources. As of right now I have:

  • 4 – 25 pound plates,
  • 4 – 10 pound plates,
  • 4 – 5 pound plates,
  • 4 – 2.5 pound plates,
  • 2 adjustable dumbbells,
  • 1 barbell,
  • 1 approximately 25 pound toddler, who likes to be lifted.

Outside of using the fixed weight dumbbells to toddlerproof a couple of floor lamps and storing the bar in the laundry room, the whole setup is contained nicely in a 14″x14″x14″ box. A similar set can be had from Amazon for $125 with FREE! PRIME! SHIPPING! which is very exciting when you’re me.

Do I want a gym membership? Eh, maybe. Sometimes I feel like I’m stalling in my bid to deadlift 200 pounds and a gym/trainer setup might be the motivation I need to break that barrier. But really? More than anything, I want a house with space for full weight bench with an Oly bar and a squat rack. I do like working out at home.